What is the Internet Attorneys Association?

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The Internet Attorneys Association (IAA) is an independent professional association representing Internet legal professionals globally.

We provide our members with Internet law information so that they can represent their clients better in cyber law matters.

When you become a member, you benefit because we serve as the international center for providing cyber law information, including education, training, webinars, newsletters, and Internet legal updates.

It's important to note that, although IAA membership is primarily for lawyers, the association is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.

For Lawyers

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Whether you're an attorney who practices Internet law full-time, or a business lawyer who handles Web legal issues for your clients from time to time, you'll want to obtain the many benefits of IAA membership.

IAA: Not currently accepting new applications for attorneys.
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Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

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What is an Internet Lawyer?

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Like attorneys who specialize in “old” media, such as newspapers and television, Internet attorneys focus on applying the rule of law to protect their clients’ intellectual properties, reputations, and other interests in Web-related matters.

There are Internet attorneys who are experts in dispute resolution, including cyber litigation. Others specialize in protecting their clients in transactional matters, such as drafting e-commerce contracts.

Some Internet lawyers have a hybrid practice that offers both cyber litigation and transactional services. Many are primarily business attorneys who occasionally represent their client’s companies in e-commerce legal matters.



To save you time, our support portal knowledge base answers frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you don't see your answer there, simply send us a support ticket and our U.S.-based support team that speaks American English fluently promises to help you one-on-one weekdays within 48 hours.

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Important: The legal forms and software that IAA offers for sale are products, NOT legal representation by the Internet Attorneys Association LLC, Hokkaido Ventures LLC, association membership, or its principals. If you can afford to pay for legal counsel, you should do so instead of purchasing self-help products. When you purchase products from us, this does not create an attorney-client relationship with anyone.

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