Re: How Internet Attorneys Association (IAA) membership can benefit you

Dear Colleague,

When you have clients who use websites, social media, online advertising, and email, you need to keep current on what is happening in Internet law in order to provide competent legal representation.

Unlike some other aspects of the law, Internet legal issues change rapidly because technology develops faster than the law.

Save Time While Increasing Your Knowledge

You can spend hours searching the Internet and legal research databases trying to find information that is accurate today so that you can provide the right advice to your clients. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all of this research and few clients will pay you for “surfing” the Internet.

When you join the IAA, you will reduce your research time because we have done some of it for you.

Here’s how…

Your IAA membership gives you access to key Internet law developments as they happen. Through quarterly newsletters, Internet law updates, and webinars, we provide you with what is important to know about cyber law.

Get More Clients

The days of using the telephone “yellow pages” to pick an attorney are coming to an end.

Did you know that nearly 2/3 of clients pick their lawyer through online research if they haven’t received a referral to a specific attorney by a family member or friend?

When they search online for an attorney like you to represent them, what do they find? Unfortunately, there are many attorneys out there who claim to be experts in every area of law if the client will pay for the legal work to be done.

Being credentialed as an IAA member sets you apart from these general practitioners. When you join the IAA, you will get your own profile in the IAA membership directory. The IAA website attracts visitors who are prospective clients looking for a qualified lawyer to represent them in Internet-related matters. In addition, you have the potential to get referrals from fellow IAA members who are looking for qualified legal counsel to represent a client where your law firm is located.

internet attorneys association membership bannerIncrease Your Credibility

In addition, you will receive an IAA membership banner like this one to place on your website and link back to the membership directory. This means that your prospective clients can instantly see you actually are involved in Internet legal issues and have the credentials to back it up.

Get Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Credit

Some state bars allow you to claim self-study credit as part of annual continuing legal education (CLE) requirements. Take advantage of this by using our webinars, seminars, and research materials as a way to earn such credit.

To accommodate your busy schedule, we make webinars available to IAA members for replay so you can choose the time that makes sense to you.

We will also let you know about upcoming accredited CLE courses related to Internet law that you might be interested in attending in person or participating in online.

Save Money

As an IAA member you’ll also receive discounts on all products and services we offer. We promise you’ll save at least 30% or more from what non-members pay. You’ll also have access to our exclusive list of third party suppliers of products and services used by Internet attorneys like you.

Free First Year Membership

For a limited time, we are offering your first year’s membership absolutely free ($295 value) so that you can see what IAA membership can do for you. After the first year, you can decide whether to invest an ongoing annual membership.

How To Apply For Membership

Here’s what to do next…

To apply for your membership today, simply click the application button below and answer a few questions…

IAA: Not currently accepting new applications for attorneys.

We hope that you qualify so that we can serve you as an IAA member.

Best wishes,


Michael E. Young, J.D., LL.M.
Internet Attorneys Association LLC