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What is the Internet Ethics Council’s Code of Professional Responsibility?

Code of Professional Responsibility

Internet Ethics Council Membership

Rule 1. We follow the Internet Marketing Golden Rule, that is, we treat our customers with the same courtesy and respect that we would like to receive as a customer.

Rule 2. We follow all applicable Internet and e-mail marketing laws and regulations to the best of our ability.

Rule 3. We provide our website visitors and customers with at least two valid ways to contact us with questions or concerns.

Rule 4. We respond to customer service inquiries within two (2) business days.

Rule 5. We use clear Privacy Policies, Terms of Use, and Returns Policies to fully explain our relationships with website visitors and customers, including the type of personal information that we collect and how that data is used by us or others.

Rule 6. We offer at least a 30-day refund policy from date of initial purchase and honor timely refund requests within five (5) business days of receipt.

Rule 7. We fully disclose payment and all other material terms of offers made to prospective purchasers.

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